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    Natural Disaster Information Systems and it has the mission of building software powered by machine learning and big data analysis to facilitate the analysis and tracking of natural disturbances. NADIS (Natural Disturbance Information Systems) is on a mission is to add resiliency and adaptability to the Caribbean from natural disturbances such as Sargassum Seaweed and those brought on from climate change. NADIS, founded by young Antiguans passionate about building solutions to address problems in the region, since winning the DADLIHACK 2019 hackathon has gone on to be incubated at ABSIP to develop a platform that tracks and predicts the landfall of Sargassum for vulnerable coastal businesses.

    An innovative community-oriented mobile and website platform that is geared at helping people to not only discover but stay connected with issues, organizations and opportunities not only around them but across the world.
  • Always Safe
    A device that would send a signal to emergency services and family indicating a person’s location in the time of a disaster or crisis, such as a hurricane, earthquake or any other form of displacement.
    Packed is a grocery shopping and delivery mobile and web application that will allow users to shop for their groceries online and have them delivered anywhere on the island.
    A business that provides a collection of courses and services by teacherpreneurs and digital educators.

    Dadli Yellow use sargassum and other natural fibres to create unique eco-friendly textiles. Dadli Yellow was formed in February 2020 in a response to the Dadlihack 3.0 Business Competition in Antigua and Barbuda. It is an offshoot company to an eco-friendly swimwear brand that Dadli Yellow founders, Launesha Barnes and Christal Clashing, had been working on prior to the competition. After attending the Dadlihack 3.0 week of activities leading up to the pitch competition, Dadli Yellow was born. Dadli Yellow aims to develop a Caribbean-based micro industry from the manufacturing of these marine-inspired textiles.

    Co-founder Launesha Barnes, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion Design (CAFD) under the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). She has participated in various shows and events locally, regionally and internationally. She also enjoys writing and sketching ideas, music, the beach and a good book. Her partner, Christal Clashing, is the quintessential adventure girl with a passion for water based activities such as stand-up paddling and freediving. Christal has a Masters by Research degree in Science and an undergraduate degree in Sports Development, both from the University of Portsmouth


    On the 28th January 2019, Kevinia Francis, Elvira Bell, Samara Emmanuel and Christal Clashing made history as the first all-black team to ever row an ocean by crossing the Atlantic ocean in 47 days 8 hours and 25 minutes.

    Inspired by their historic feat, they have come together to create a rowing-based tourism and youth outreach project called the Team Antigua Island Girls Wellness Adventure. The first part of their project is a unique coastal rowing experience blended with coastal beach clean-ups and ocean education marketed at the traditional tourist that visits the shores of Antigua and Barbuda. The second prong is a sports tourism offer that enables teams and individuals who want to row across oceans, the opportunity to train in the coastal and open waters of Antigua and Barbuda. The third is a youth outreach programme that encourages young people to learn coastal rowing and develop ocean awareness skills and capabilities.