Where Ideas Begin and Innovation Starts


Business Incubation Center

Startups in the Business Incubation Centre (BIC) will actively engage in ideation or idea generation at the community level through the Research and Development Centre. The BIC will provide support to all potential entrepreneurs who have a feasible idea within any sector. The BIC will assess the startup and then work closely with those startups and guide them through the ideation process to create new companies and expand existing ones.

Startups in the BIC will also gain access to a Makers Lab that will provide support in various sectors namely, Culture and the Arts, Agriculture and Product Development. The Makers Lab will offer business and industry development services and support in terms of expertise (coaching and direct advice) and the facilities to support potential entrepreneurs in the development of their products i.e. agro-processing to include packaging, branding and standards.

Global Innovation Center

Startups in the Global Innovation Centre (GIC) will gain access to specialized business training, designing marketing plans, creative space and guidance in pitching to equity investors.

Business Innovation Unit

The Business Innovation Unit (BIU) will provide resources and opportunities for business operation to include manufacturing and engineering, operating guidelines, networking opportunities, finance plan, staffing, process controls, legal and accounting support, office space, financial support services to gain access to funding resources. The BIU will also assist start-ups in forming key partnerships and alliances with ABSIP partners.